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News Summary: Luoyang Evon Engineering Co., Ltd. will take part in  the 10th INTERMAT Paris-Nord Villep鈥
>>> Girth gear hits:991
News Summary:The big girth gear have been finished and supplied to customer already by  Luoyang Evon Engine鈥
>>> Herringbone gear finished hits:1314
News Summary:Herringbone gear had finished production. Loading port: Shanghai sea port, China. Destination port鈥
>>> Gear Shaft Shipping hits:1255
News Summary:Shipping Date: May 16.2014 Item Name: Gear Shaft Precision: Grinding Gear( run out 0.005mm) and Dy鈥
>>> Girth gear +Riding ring+Supporting roller+Shaft hits:1596
News Summary:Project: Dryer Machine Item name: Girth gear +Riding ring+Supporting roller+Shaft  i鈥
>>> Bevel gear shipping to Tsingtao port. hits:1010
News Summary:Item Name: Bevel Gear Loading port: Tsingtao sea port, China. Destination port: Valdivostok, Russi鈥
>>> Dia.2550 Gear hits:797
News Summary:   Item Name: Dia.2550 Module Gear  Packing: steel lampstand. Loading port: Tsingtao s鈥
>>> BA289-1 excavator bearing hits:888
News Summary: Evon Engineering export excavator bearings for 300 sets to client Loading port:  Shanghai se鈥
>>> 010.69.4000 slewing bearing hits:913
News Summary:  Item Name: Single-row Ball Slewing Bearing Bearing code: 010.69.4000. OD=蠁4240mm ID=蠁3800鈥
>>> Riding wheel delivery hits:692
News Summary: The riding ring+Supporting roller and Shaft was send to Shanghai sea port today (April 29, 20鈥
>>> 蠁14mm slewing bearing hits:515
News Summary:The inner diameter of 蠁14mm/ 0.5518" slewing bearing  were successfully produced by our company鈥
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